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The Paradox of Thrift Is Now The Paradox of Working

BIA Commentary and Opinion By Ted Barnhart In his recent book How an Economy Grows and Why It Crashes Peter Schiff describes John Maynard Keynes as “a very smart early twentieth century English academic who developed some very stupid ideas about what makes economies grow.  Essentially Keynes managed to pull off one of the neatest tricks … Continue reading

David Stockman – “Warren Buffet’s Humbug”

Recommended reading from David Stockman in regards to Warren Buffet’s “gushing drivel” about the government’s financial bailout: Warren Buffet’s Humbug (excerpt)  As it turned out, the probability that a sharp contraction of GE Capital’s footings would not have had noticeable impact on the macro economy was never tested due to the Washington’s alphabet soup of bailouts. Instead, … Continue reading

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