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Q&A: The Collapse of Oil Prices

By Ted Barnhart The recent plunge in oil prices, poses a number of questions. ┬áThe Austrian School of Investment Thought Blog answers a few of them here. Q: Is the price of oil dropping because of deflationary forces i.e. an anticipated economic slowdown. A: No, but a couple of side bar discussions should go along … Continue reading

By The Numbers: November 2014

November saw an encore feature of the running of the bulls with the S&P 500 posting a 2.75% gain for the month which brought the year to date total return of 13.75%. Economic and market stories driving the markets continues to be the falling prices of oil and treasury yields returning to the lows of … Continue reading

Fund Review : Ivy Asset Strategy Fund

  By Ted Barnhart Note: please see disclaimer and disclosure following this post. A Fund For “Austrians” If followers of Austrian School Economics were to get together to construct a mainstream equity based mutual fund that addressed their concerns, they would create the Ivy Asset Strategy Fund. The fund is categorized by Morningstar as a … Continue reading

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