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Election 2016: Questions for the Candidates

Like many Americans, I am bewildered by the 2016 edition of the Presidential bake-off. So confused that last Tuesday as my fellow Illinoisans went to the polls I missed an election for the first time in memeory.  I mean any election, as in local, primary, mayoral; I vote them all. I know this because my reward … Continue reading

Retirement Insight: Bankrate’s Best and Worst States for Retirement

WHAT ARE THE BEST (AND WORST) STATES FOR RETIREMENT?Every year, consumer finacial services website Bankrate.com tries to determine them througha survey of financial, health, and lifestyle factors. Its 2016 survey conveys a distinct message: for a nice retirement, avoid coasts and head west. For the second straight year, Wyoming ranked as the best state in … Continue reading

February Employment Report: Steady as She Goes

On balance a very good employment report  for the month of February that saw an increase in nonfarm payrolls of 242,000 that easily beat the consensus estimate  of 190,000. In addition the December and January numbers were revised upwards for a total of 30,000 jobs. A number sure to stir some discussion however was the … Continue reading

Bill Gross a.k.a. The Bond King on Negative Interest Rates

  While Legendary fund manager Bill Gross a.k.a. The Bond King could be the subject of a modern day Shakespearian epic; a Decemeber 2014 Bloomberg story chronilicing his exit from PIMCO, managed to capture the relevant themes in about 998 fewer pages.   The Bond King has long penned a monthly Investment Outlook that is … Continue reading

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