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Election 2016: Questions for the Candidates

Like many Americans, I am bewildered by the 2016 edition of the Presidential bake-off. So confused that last Tuesday as my fellow Illinoisans went to the polls I, for the first time I can recall, missed an election. I mean any election, as in local, primary, mayoral; I vote them all. I know this because my reward … Continue reading

Bianco Research on Bloomberg TV

Jim Bianco is President of Chicago based Bianco Research LLC.  His commentary and interviews regarding global economy and markets is always informative and his recent appearance on Bloomberg Television was no exception. Video is available at the above link, but here are the “CliffsNotes”: The beginning of the trading year is historically volatile. Markets are … Continue reading

Q&A: The Collapse of Oil Prices

By Ted Barnhart The recent plunge in oil prices, poses a number of questions.  The Austrian School of Investment Thought Blog answers a few of them here. Q: Is the price of oil dropping because of deflationary forces i.e. an anticipated economic slowdown. A: No, but a couple of side bar discussions should go along … Continue reading

By The Numbers: November 2014

November saw an encore feature of the running of the bulls with the S&P 500 posting a 2.75% gain for the month which brought the year to date total return of 13.75%. Economic and market stories driving the markets continues to be the falling prices of oil and treasury yields returning to the lows of … Continue reading

By The Numbers: October 2014

October 2014 could best be described as the big rebound with the S&P500 initiating a strong rally mid month to post a return, as measured by the SPY exchange traded fund (etf) of 2.36% for the month, and a year to date total return of 10.71%.   Indeed in mid-month the SPY was down 7.5% from … Continue reading

Are Democratic Presidents Really Better for the Economy than Republicans?

According to Richard J. Carroll in a Bloomberg.com Op-Ed piece promoting his new book, the answer is yes: In “The President as Economist: Scoring Economic Performance From Harry Truman to Barack Obama,” I compare the 12 presidents since World War II using 17 economic indicators, including growth in gross domestic product, rate of unemployment, inflation, … Continue reading

When Everyone Has Bad Credit…

By Ted Barnhart I’ll give them heroics. I’ll give them the most spectacular heroics they’ve ever seen! And when I’m old and I’ve had my fun, I’ll sell my inventions so everyone can be superheroes! Everyone can be super! And when everyone’s super, [laughs maniacally] no-one will be.                           … Continue reading

Muni’s Gone Wild

With New Jersey Governor Chris Christie and embattled Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker leading the charge of public union pension reform, the subject of municipal finances, at least at the state level, has received no shortage of attention throughout the last year. But the question remains, where does it all end?  Who will ultimately feel the … Continue reading

On the Brink

(This article is available at SafeHaven.com) Market Outlook Week of September 12, 2011 Friday’s markets were ripe with rumors of an imminent Greek Default, which did not materialize. Yet. Markets were first spooked on Friday by  the announcement that Juergen Stark , the German Chief Economist of the European Central Bank, had unexpectedly quit for … Continue reading

“It’s Europe, Stupid”

Market Outlook for week of September 5, 2011 (This article is available at SafeHaven.com) During the 1992 Presidential Campaign, Clinton Advisor and political strategist James Carville kept the focus of the campaign with the iconic phrase “It’s the Economy, Stupid.” Someone needs to remind today’s mainstream press that this summer’s issues in the financial markets … Continue reading

The Debt Ceiling: From Too Little Too Late to Too Much Too Soon

BIA Commentary and Opinion As another debt ceiling showdown looms, I can’t help but look back at the successful Tea Party Revolt and election of 2010 and recall asking myself:  This is great, but is it too little too late? While the current public debt to GDP ratio (about 92%) certainly is high, it is … Continue reading

Other Voices: Doug Noland- Lehman Moment

For years, Doug Noland’s weekly Credit Bubble Bulletin over at Prudent Bear.com has been  a must read.  This week’s installment,  Lehman Moment is no exception (the commentary comes near the end of the Bulletin, scroll down to locate). Noland draws out the parallels between the Lehman and Greece situations, noting that these two entity’s are … Continue reading

Krugman vs. Murphy

In case you missed it last week (or if you have better things to do than follow a debate between economic professors), Paul Krugman – Nobel Laureate and the New York Times’ answer to Justin Bieber – devoted a blog entry to discussing the Austrian Business Cycle Theory as explained by professor Robert Murphy. While … Continue reading

George Carlin and “Quantitative Easing”

BIA Commentary and Opinion By Ted Barnhart Now that the printing presses have been  warmed up and the “Quantitative Easing II” ship is set to sail, I can’t help but  think of  the old George Carlin bit  “On  Euphemisms” where Carlin laments the use “of words that conceal the truth” and ponders  how the term … Continue reading

Professor Plum, With the Revolver, in the Library: Who Caused the Financial Crisis and How Did They Do It?

Right up until that fateful week in September of 2008 when Lehman Brothers, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac,Merrill Lynch and AIG all imploded; most media, government and financial professionals, either could not, or would not acknowledge the economic disaster that was unfolding before their eyes. Of course, now that the horse has escaped the barn, these … Continue reading

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