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What is a Core – Satellite Investment Strategy

The Core – Satellite investment approach is a strategy that dictates a significant allocation in a portfolio to “Core” type investments or funds, and reserves a smaller allocation for investments and strategies considered to be satellites to the core portfolio holdings.   Typical core investments might be a portfolio of blue chip stocks or funds, … Continue reading

What are Alternative Investments?

  These days the mention of alternative investments within the investment community is a bit like brining up the presidential election; an interesting topic for sure but you are likely to run into some pretty strong opinion or resistance, no matter where your personal opinions lie.   Before diving into the debate of who (if … Continue reading

January Sector ETF Returns

Jan 216 2015 S&P500 SPY -4.98% 1.24% Dow Jones DIA -5.48% 0.09% Nasdaq 100 QQQ -6.91% 9.43% S&P Midcap MDY -5.54% -2.51% Rusell 2000 IWM -8.58% -4.48% Dow Transports IYT -8.13% -16.92% 10 yr Treasury Yield ^TNX   1.93% 2.27% 30yr Treusury Yield ^TYX  2.76%  3.02% MSCI – International EFA -5.52% -0.99% Japan EWJ -5.12% … Continue reading

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